Chris Villalta Ph.D.

Molecular Biologist and Bioinformatics Scientist with NGS experience

Search begins for new NGS opportunity. 

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I have not updated this blog in 2 years because back in April 2015 I landed a job at Invitae one of the many NGS (next generation sequencing) genetic screening companies trying to change the system and move to more cost efficient multi panel genetic tests for people who have genetic susceptibility or been diagnosed with diseases ranging from cancer to neurological disorders. 
I enjoyed my time at Invitae as a Bioinformacist for the Assay Development team, but now I am looking for a new job, so I will have more time to post on this site as I search for employment. 
I am interested in a job where I can work in the wet lab and use my bioinformatic skills, which would make me a strong researcher. I am also interested in a position where I can continue to be a Bioinformarics specialist. 
I am looking forward to and excited about what new opportunities I will find next!

Chris Villalta Ph.D.


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