Chris Villalta Ph.D.

Molecular Biologist and Bioinformatics Scientist with NGS experience

New Penicillium,found on salami during seasoning process, named and described.

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Herz_szalámi_plakát(image from wikipedia)

I came across this publication from the Journal of Food Microbiology and it looks like a newly described species, named of course, Penicillium salamii, appears to be found on salami and other cured meats during the seasoning process. While it seems to colonize cured meat the fungus appears to be cosmopolitan and was also found on tea leaves and in soil samples. From scanning the paper looks like the new species does form a distinct clade by maximum parsimony analyses. I hope the next step is to sequence the genome.

Link to the article (Its behind a science direct paywall).


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